spring turkey season

Spring turkey season is all about Osceola Turkey, which is Florida’s turkey. You can’t find Osceola Turkeys anywhere else. These majestic wild turkeys are beautiful. Their iridescent glow and personalities make them distinctly different from the other turkeys native to North America. Some say that Osceola Turkeys are the hardest species of turkey to kill.

Osceola Turkeys tend to have an attitude, especially in the spring breeding season. You can find these birds chasing other Toms away from potential mates. The breeding season happens to be about the same time as spring turkey hunting season in Florida. While the turkeys are thinking about mating, hunters are thinking about how to harvest one successfully. It takes lots of patterning, time, and patience to be successful in doing so.

Spring Turkey Season

It’s the first week of March, two weeks before the opening day of the spring turkey hunting season 2022. Our guides are waking up at 5 am to go scout and listen for some of the first early mornings gobbles that they will hear this season. Before the sun comes up, we are getting set up to listen to the dead silence that the woods make before the light switch is turned on.

Right as the sun starts to shine, a sound emerges in the distance. The thunder chickens have awoken, and they are itching to safely fly down from their roost to find mates.

One of the coolest parts about the turkey hunt is that moment right there. The powerful gobble along with the sound of their wings flying down from their roost. It’s still very early, but we can start viewing and scanning our surroundings. We are asking ourselves, “What direction are they headed?”, “How many are there?”, “Can we get closer?”

We set our eyes on a group of three hens and one gobbler. That doesn’t last long, though, because out of the corner of our eyes, we see two jakes running full speed towards the group of four. Our location is perfect, and we realize that if we had clients with us right now, they would be going home with a beautiful harvest.

This scenario is just one of many different scenarios that we expect to give our clients when they are with us for the Spring turkey hunting season. We put in the scouting, research, and predictions so that when you arrive, we can get you on a beautiful Osceola Turkey.

Book your spring Turkey hunt today, and experience the thrill of a Hunters Envy Osceola Turkey Hunt.


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