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Hunting Wild Boar is an exciting and challenging sport that requires skill and patience. Wild boar are intelligent and unpredictable animals weighing up to several hundred pounds, so hunting them can be a thrilling experience. These animals are known to be aggressive when posed with threats, so ensuring that your hunt is safe is the number one priority.

However, it’s important to approach hunting wild boar with respect for the animal and the environment. Wild hog can cause damage to crops and natural habitats, so hunting them can help control their population and prevent destruction. Additionally, wild hog meat is a good source of protein and can be used in various dishes, making it a valuable resource. See Wild Boar Recipes.

Hunting Wild Boar Preparations

When hunting wild boar, being prepared and knowledgeable about the animal‘s behavior and habitat is important. Wild hogs are typically found in wooded areas and can be aggressive if they feel threatened, so it’s essential to take caution when approaching them. Hunters should also know local hunting regulations and obtain the necessary licenses and permits before hunting. In Florida, we have very limited rules and regulations to follow. Visit the FWC website for information on hunting wild boar in Florida.

Use of Hunting Dogs

There are several methods for hunting wild boars, including using dogs to track and corner the animal, stalking the animal on foot, or using bait to attract the animal. Each method requires a different level of skill and experience, so choosing a method that aligns with your abilities as a hunter is important.

Hunting with dogs can be a quick and easy way to find the wild hogs on the property that is being hunted. Chase dogs are sent into the woods with tracking collars. Hunters follow the signal/barks of the dogs and then send in the catch dog. The catch dog’s job is to bite the boar and keep it in the area while hunters dispatch the hog. There are some rules and regulations regarding hunting with dogs in Florida.

Hog Hunting Methods

Stalking boar on foot is a fun and exciting way to prove your hunting and tracking skills. This requires more thought and hunting ability since hunters must play the wind and control their sound. Wild boar don’t have great eyesight, but their sense of smell and hearing help them evade predators and hunters.

Depending on state regulations of where you are hunting, hunters may use bait to lure wild hog into a specific area to aid in a successful harvest. Hunting boar over bait is a very common practice in Florida. Wildlife biologists and state lawmakers understand the importance of controlling the boar population, so they have allowed hunters to hunt over bait.

hunting wild boar

One of the benefits of wild hog hunting is the opportunity to use a variety of hunting equipment. Hunters can use rifles, shotguns, bows, or knives to take down the animal. Each method requires a different level of precision and skill, so choosing the equipment you’re most comfortable with is important. It’s also important to practice before the hunt so that your harvest is dispatched in a respectful manner.


Wild Boar Meat

In addition to the thrill of the hunt, wild boar hunting can provide a valuable source of meat for hunters and their families. Wild hog meat is lean and flavorful, making it a popular choice for various dishes. However, it’s essential to properly clean and prepare the meat to ensure it’s safe and disease-free. Many people don’t realize that wild hog don’t have as much fat on them compared to farm-raised swine. You can almost knock bacon off the table when butchering a boar.

The size of the boar you harvest determines the taste of the meat. Mature male boars tend to taste more gamey than females and younger boars. If you are targeting boar for food on the table, be sure to target specific boar. There is nothing worse than gamey boar meat. It’s just not pleasant.

Wild Boar Population Management

Wild Boar is an invasive species that can cause harm to the natural habitat and have the potential to threaten native species. If you are hunting wild boar to eradicate them from your property, you might consider coyote hunting over the carcass so that you hit two birds with one stone. Controlling coyote populations is also incredibly important for other animal populations.


Overall, hunting wild boar can be an exciting and rewarding experience for hunters who approach it with respect and caution. It’s important to maintain a balance between the wild hog population and the environment while also recognizing the value of this resource for food and recreation.

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