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Hunting Experience FAQ2022-08-03T12:26:17-04:00

You have questions we have answers.

Wonder when you need to arrive, what to bring?  Check our Hunting Experience frequently asked questions below. 

Hunting Frequently Asked Questions

faq frequently asked questions
Can I use any weapon?2023-03-30T01:22:11-04:00

Guns need to have a scope on them. No iron sights are allowed while hunting hogs and deer. 

What should I do to prepare for my hunt?2022-02-04T17:19:59-05:00

Clients should bathe in no-scent shampoo and body wash prior to their hunt. It is also recommended that clients wash their clothing and gear in no-scent laundry detergent. Do not wear scented deodorants, fragrances, or anything scented. If the animals smell you, your chances at a successful harvest are extremely diminished.

Can I bring my own firearm?2022-02-04T17:19:31-05:00

Clients are encouraged to bring their own firearm/weapon. If clients do not want to travel with their firearm/weapon, Hunters Envy will provide one. Shooting range time is mandatory for clients that do not bring their own firearm/weapon, and an extra charge will be assigned if shooting range time is not included in their scheduled hunt/experience.

Can I have my harvest mounted?2022-02-04T17:18:06-05:00

Yes! Hunters Envy can provide clients with contact information of Taxidermists in the Central Florida area.

What do I do with my harvest?2022-02-04T17:17:40-05:00

Your guide is responsible for the field dressing/cleaning of your harvest. Clients may leave Hunters Envy with their harvest accompanying them OR Hunters Envy can transport their harvest to the processor. The processor can ship your meat to you or you can pick it up.

Is there any paperwork required for clients to sign prior to arriving?2022-06-23T01:29:05-04:00

Yes, all clients are required to sign and submit a Waiver and Release prior to their arrival at the ranch. 

Click here to complete it.

What is your cancellation policy?2022-02-04T17:10:08-05:00

Clients may cancel their hunt/experience 48-hours prior to their scheduled time. If you need to cancel, please call us before the trip.

Staff members may cancel a hunt/experience at any time. We strive to contact clients 48-hours ahead of time, but sometimes it is out of our control. We will cancel due to inclement weather. We hunt in the rain but cancel for lightning or other inclement weather. Your safety is our priority!

Should I tip?2022-02-04T17:10:42-05:00

Our guides work hard to provide clients with an enjoyable hunt/experience. If you think your guide did a great job for you and worked hard, the standard tip is 20%. However, anything is appreciated.

Can I bring beer or alcohol to the ranch?2022-02-04T17:11:09-05:00

Alcohol is NOT permitted for anybody possessing a firearm. At the completion of your hunt or ranch experience, consumption of alcohol is permitted. Staff may terminate a hunt or ranch experience if a client is deemed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. A refund will not be issued in these circumstances. The safety of ALL clients and staff members is our priority!

Can I bring a cooler?2022-02-04T17:11:37-05:00

Yes, clients are absolutely able to bring a cooler. Hunters Envy has a cooler for client use, but clients are encouraged to bring their own.

What age should children be?2022-02-04T17:11:55-05:00

For their safety, we recommend children ages 7 and above. Exceptions can be made at the discretion of Hunters Envy.

What’s provided for clients at the ranch?2022-02-04T17:12:34-05:00

It is dependent on the scheduled hunt/experience. All Hunters Envy clients are assigned a guide for their hunts/experiences. Water, sunscreen, field dressing, and miscellaneous hunting supplies are provided to clients. If you have questions, please reach out and we will get right back to you.

How do you know you are confirmed for the hunt/experience?2023-08-22T18:31:03-04:00

You will receive an email from Hunters Envy with a confirmation number. Please check your spam/junk folder as it may end up there. If you do not receive a confirmation email from us, we don’t have you in the system. If that is the case, please call us and we will go over the confirmation process with you. 

When do you charge my credit card?2023-08-22T18:35:47-04:00

Hunters Envy charges a deposit for certain hunts. The deposit price is dependent on your hunt/experience. The balance is due after the hunt/experience has been completed. We can accept credit cards, cash, or checks. Deposits are charged to the card on file when booking. 

What are clients expected to bring?2023-08-22T18:40:19-04:00

Clients should bring waterproof boots to all activities at Hunters Envy. It is also smart to bring a change of clothes. Long pants and long sleeve shirts are recommended. 

What time will my hunt/experience complete?2022-03-04T18:32:25-05:00

Each hunt/experience has a set amount of time. The guide is responsible for making sure that the client is back at base camp by their scheduled end time. If the hunting is good and the client is ok with a longer hunt, the hunt will continue within reason.

What time do I need to be at Hunters Envy?2022-02-28T12:50:25-05:00

Clients will receive a scheduled date/time from a staff member prior to their hunt. Please do not arrive earlier than your scheduled time. Upon arrival at the security gate, please enter 388 on the keypad to be connected to a team member to let you in.

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