Best Camo for Florida turkey hunt

Best Camo for Hunting Osceola Turkeys in Florida

Hunting turkeys requires a lot of skill and determination, but did you know that a major part of a successful hunt is ensuring that you are properly camouflaged? It’s no secret that camouflage prevents an animal from immediately spotting you while you are in the woods. Blending into your surroundings is very important to get the best possibility of a close shot. If you are looking for some Strategies on Osceola Turkey Hunting, look no further, but for now, let’s discuss what we recommend as the best camo in Florida.

Turkeys have some of the best eyesight in the woods. Their main defense mechanism is their vision, and that’s how they protect themselves from predators. Sudden movements will almost always spook a turkey. When a turkey spooks, you can count on your odds of killing that specific bird being diminished for that day.

Florida has many plants and landscapes that sometimes make it hard to blend in properly. Usually, turkey hunters are hunting from the ground, so ensuring that you choose the correct camo that blends in with plant life on the ground is important.

Florida Camo

Our guides have utilized just about every camo pattern on the market to grasp what we think is the best. Several things go into choosing the correct camo.

The pattern is extremely important! While it’s hard for humans to know 100% what each animal sees through their eyes, we can make decisions based on what we see in the field and how the animals react to our presence.

Comfort and breathability are another important part of choosing the best camo. Hunters in Florida want to wear comfortable clothing during those hot days. Their lightweight and stretchy clothing provides UV protection on many of their products. 

Palmetto Camo

Outdoorsmen have likely noticed that Palmetto bushes make up many plants on the ground in wild Florida. Palmetto bushes “provide shelter and nesting material for bats, birds, small mammals, snakes, and insects” (Better Homes and Gardens). They also provide great cover for hunters stalking up on Osceola Turkeys.

Florida Camo launched its Palmetto pattern in 2014. Their palmetto pattern allows hunters to blend in with the Florida landscape easily.  The guides at Hunters Envy utilize the palmetto pattern often while hunting because it is superior to the other camo patterns on the market.

Hammock Camo

The Hammock Pattern isn’t just for hunting from a tree stand near the hammock. This pattern is a win-win for spot and stalk or sitting tucked in.

During those hot days in Florida, finding a dense oak hammock is helpful to keep hunters cool, but animals like to take advantage of the change in temperature in the oak hammocks, too. The pattern is darker and is great for hunting in the shade.

For those challenging gobblers who only like to hang out in the oak hammocks during the day to stay cool, this is the pattern for you.

All in All

Florida Camo’s clothing is extremely breathable, and that, along with the exceptional Florida landscape patterns that they offer, makes them Hunters Envy’s #1 choice for hunting turkeys and Florida wildlife. You can visit Florida Camo’s website to purchase some of their exceptional clothing at an affordable and reliable price. We hope you choose Florida Camo because we have tested it and wholeheartedly back it up.


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