The Perfect Hunting Experience!

Hunters Envy has a mission to provide clients with a luxury outdoor and hunting experience that focuses on a conservational approach to maintaining the natural habitat of Florida.


An Unforgettable, Hunting Experience

Hunters Envy’s Ranch is a 3,250-acre ranch located near Lake Harney in Mims, FL. There is an abundance of wildlife on the ranch. The ranch is full of many land-dwelling animals, including Whitetail Deer, Osceola Turkey, Wild Boar, Black Bear, Alligators, Peacock, and much more.  There are also multiple species of waterfowl, predatory birds, and insects. 

The property features forested wetlands, prairies, cypress domes, and a unique Salt Marsh area. It truly feels like you are visiting several different continents within the property. The property is home to many of our Nation’s National birds, including The Bald Eagle.

We currently offer Whitetail Deer, Osceola Turkey, and Wild Boar hunts. 

We have started offering a Corporate Package for businesses to experience a fun day in the woods and on the water with their employees.

Osceola Turkey Hunting
Wild Boar Hunts Premier Club

Hunters Envy has a goal to get clients set up for a successful hunt and/or memory-making ranch and hunting experience.

Our Mission: Hunters Envy has a mission to provide clients with a luxury outdoor and hunting experience that focuses on a conservational approach to maintaining the natural habitat of Florida.

Our Vision: Hunters Envy has a vision to provide clients in the outdoor industry with an outstanding experience that they will take with them and share with their peers.

Our Values:

  • To make our clients the center of everything that we do
  • To implement our Christian beliefs into our daily actions.
  • To praise God for the gifts that we are able to share with our clients and each other.
  • To develop our land and services that we offer so that we reach a high level of customer satisfaction.

“Hunters Envy has a goal to get clients set up for a successful hunt and/or memory-making ranch experience.”

Enjoying the outdoors is something that our team knows we have in common with clients. The outdoors is a gift that we have the pleasure of experiencing. Hunters Envy does all of the work so that when clients arrive, their chances of getting the ultimate ranch experience are high. Come to Hunters Envy and see for yourself how we make it happen.  Contact us to learn more about our hunts

Our Focus on Conservation and Effective Land & Herd Management

It is our duty to be good stewards of the Earth. Conservation can be described as preserving, guarding, and protecting Earth’s resources. Conservation is a key part of the day-to-day operations of Hunters Envy. Hunters play a very important role in efforts to conserve Earth’s resources.

A major way that hunters do this is by purchasing hunting licenses and effectively managing the land and animal herds. Effectively managing the land and animal herds is a great way to ensure that there is not an issue with overpopulation. Overpopulation of one animal species affects all of the other species in that area. Hunters Envy works with State and Federal Biologists and Land Managers to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

“In a civilized and cultivated country, wild animals only continue to exist at all when preserved by sportsmen. The excellent people who protest against all hunting, and consider sportsmen as enemies of wildlife, are ignorant of the fact that in reality, the genuine sportsman is by all odds the most important factor in keeping the larger and more valuable wild creatures from total extermination.”
– Theodore Roosevelt, 26th U.S. President

Meet the Hunters Envy Team

Hunters Envy Hunting Experience

Jeff & Hayley Baker



Jeff and Hayley Baker, residents of Florida since 2006, have always dreamed of creating a company that allowed them to see people enjoy the outdoors. Jeff and Hayley are avid outdoors lovers. When they are not spending quality time with their family, they enjoy taking part in all outdoor activities, including hunting, fishing, biking, traveling, time at the beach, and much more.

Jeff and Hayley started Anglers Envy in 2016 because they saw the need for a luxury fishing charter in Port Canaveral, FL. Since then, Anglers Envy has reached to be one of the top fishing charters in the port. Jeff and Hayley have built multiple companies with a focus on Christian ideals and actions. They are excited to include taking care of the Lord’s land in part of their business ventures.

Ranch Hunting Experience

Jonah Baker

Co-Founder, Guide


Jonah has a passion for hunting, fishing, and all outdoor activities. When Jonah is not assisting on the boat at Anglers Envy Fishing Charters, our sister company, he likes to spend time at the ranch scouting and enjoying the beautiful ranch experience. He leads our land maintenance team to promote a sufficient habitat for the wild game that we share our land with. 

When Jonah isn’t working, his favorite hunting activity is to watch his dog, Tuff, duck hunt. Jonah has guided hunts since 2017. “One of my favorite things is seeing the excitement that hunters have on their faces after a successful hunt. It means the world to me that I could help them achieve this level of satisfaction and happiness.” – Jonah Baker

Hunting experience

Riley Ferguson

Co-Founder, Guide

Business & Property Manager

Riley oversees the business operations, booking, marketing, & client success for Hunters Envy and JBWR Ranch. Riley is a passionate outdoorsman, enjoys time by the water, and is most passionate about Whitetail Deer hunting. He grew up hunting deer with his father, and at the age of 4, he was in the tree stand with his father learning the skills needed to be a successful hunter.

Riley loves to watch the transition of clients being interested hunters to being successful hunters. When Riley isn’t working, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends at Sweetwater Lake in Indiana. “My #1 passion is hunting. I am beyond blessed to work a job that allows me to live my passion through my everyday work.” – Riley Ferguson

Hunting Experience

Parker Turner

Co-Founder, Guide


Parker, a resident of Orlando since 2006, shares a common interest in hunting and fishing with the rest of the team. Parker spends a lot of time at the ranch preparing the land for our clients. When Parker isn’t working, his favorite animal to hunt is Whitetail Deer. Parker is most passionate about hunting but also loves to fish. Parker is passionate about the long-term effects of conservation and herd management. “Effectively managing the land of such a beautiful property has been nothing more than a dream to me.” – Parker Turner

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What past hunters have to say about us.

“Just hunted with them. Killed a nice boar. Had a blast. If you are looking for a good hunt go with these guys. I will be back. Thanks again guys.” 

Don M.

“Great experience with many good laughs and memories to last a life time. Thank you.”

Jamie D.

“Thank you Hunters Envy for my first experience. It was a blast.”

Beth S.
“One of the best hunts we’ve ever had. Great memories with you all.” “Hunters Envy are the best out there!”
Scott C.

“If you goal is to kill a Osceola, this is the place. plenty of gobbling birds, good accommodations, good food, and friendly knowledgeable guides-you won’t be disappointed with the experience!”

Matt K.

“Awesome experience at Hunters Envy. My wife and I had a blast. We saw a ton of wild animals and successfully took down a boar during the hunt. Highly recommend this place!”

Ryan B.

“First class operation. Friendly, professional, and a lot of fun. I took my boys on their first gator hunt with Hunters Envy. It was even better than I expected. Highly recommend Hunters Envy!”

Clint N.

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